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I Made A Cloud Lamp That Triggers A Storm Every Time Donald Trump Makes A Tweet

I’m Parse/Error, a French artist based in Marseille, and I created a connected cloud lamp that reacts in real time to the tweets from Donald Trump. This connected lamp is capable of reacting in real time to messages posted on Twitter, creating a thunderstorm every time a tweet is posted. Each tweet is then materialized by a series of lightnings, rolling in the cloud and disturbing the soft light of the lamp. The choice of setting the Political Lamp to follow the tweets of Donald Trump is explained by the…

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Czech Culture Festivals In America 2017 there are numerous communities where people of Czech heritage settled over the decades. Many of these communities celebrate this heritage with an annual festival that brings together people who enjoy the music, food and cultural traditions. Each of the communities listed has an annual festival, and most are two or three days in length and held over a weekend. You can find more details about the  Czech Culture Festival In America as below : TOP TEN FAVORITE | CZECH CULTURE FESTIVALS IN AMERICA 2017 Wilber,…

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